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Stop dieting and start intuitive eating for Weight loss

Intuitive eating for weight loss is simply eating what you want and when you want. Really? Is it really that simple? Well, what we are just doing what is a normal way of eating. It is about being in tune with yourself, it’s about knowing what your body wants and when it wants it.

For instance, when you wake it might not be hungry. Advice tells us to eat a massive breakfast to help you start your day. There are many people overriding the messages that the body is giving them and eating when they are not hungry. So if you are not hungry, don’t eat, it’s that simple.

It is also learning to listen to the cues that your body gives you. Learn to listen to the first clues when your body is hungry and then act on it. Instead of ignoring it. Learning when you are content and being able to stop eating.

Learning to listen to your body for what foods it needs in terms of nutrition. When we are in tune, we do instinctively know what’s good for us. For instance, when I was pregnant, I had cravings for avocado, coconut water, and grapefruit. They have lots of minerals that are needed for cell building. I found it interesting that my body was telling me what I needed.

How can you start Intuitive Eating for weight loss

The trouble is so many people have been on a diet since as far back as they can remember. Normal eating is full of deprivation and counting calories, weighing your food and being scrupulous over portion sizes. Food that is bad, food that count up sins. We want to come away from that. It might have helped many people get started on the first hurdle of weight loss, but generally it is not sustainable because it takes you away from your body and onto an outside rule. By ignoring our internal cues, we are letting an outside set of rules over ride what our body wants and needs.

But if I let go of the diet I will put on weight won’t I?

I hear you cry, well yes you might at the beginning when you are learning to listen to your body. The more we are afraid of putting on weight, the more likely we will deprive ourselves and not learn to be at peace. When we are focussed on something, like being scared of putting on weight, the more it sticks around. What we resist persists. If you want to be free of that diet cycle, free of a diet controlling you , then you need to do something different.

How does Intuitive Eating help me to lose weight?

For years now, you have gone outside for the answer and it’s not helped. The answer is inside of us. Once you learn to listen to your body and go with the flow, I have seen many of my clients feel free and liberated and they lose weight with a lot more fun.

When we restrict ourselves, denying chocolate or dessert, guess what we want? Yes the very thing that we tell ourselves we can’t have. We are focussed on the negative parts instead of going forwards. This is keeping ourselves trapped in this cycle of not eating what we want.

I hear from many people that once they learn to let go and listen to their body they stop counting calories. Over time they reach this balance and a healthy, more enjoyable and joyful way of living. It will not happen overnight. If you’ve never listened to your body before, it will be very alien, but worth it.

So to start Intuitive Eating , here are some tips.

  • Periodically, take a deep breath and pay attention to how your stomach feels. Is it full, content, empty but ok. You could put your hand over your stomach and notice what you feel.
  • Before you eat, again take a deep breath and ask yourself, am I hungry or what do I really want. Are you feeding an emotion or physical hunger,
  • Before you go to eat, ask yourself what do I want to eat and eat that. If you find yourself continually wanting pizza and chips, just ask what is the pizza and chips doing for me?

What food will make me feel good?

  • Take natural foods, like fruit and start eating them, notice do you like it, how does it make you feel? Start incorporating more natural foods into your diet. This not only helps your gut health but starts getting you in tune with natural foods and away from sugar, salty and fatty foods.
  • Exercising . Find something you love to do, even if it is dancing, walking. Just move. The feelings brings you back to your body and in tune with what you like

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About Vanessa McLennan

Vanessa is an emotional eating expert with a passion for natural health, superfoods and psychology. She helps women from all over the world to successfully lose weight by escaping the diet cycle and end their emotional eating patterns. She holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy as well as qualifications in EMDR, EFT, Emotional Eating, IBS therapist. Check out her free guide to help you break free of the diet cycle