An interactive workshop to help you stop Binge eating without dieting or restricting. Learn 3 ways to help you embrace a more natural approach to your eating, so you can break free from the Binge Eating cycle

Here's what we'll cover in the live webinar

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How we carry eating patterns from childhood into adult life and how that can effect our relationship with food

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Learn to recognise when you eat emotionally and how you can be in control to stop your old patterns

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A selection of proven tools you can use so that eating becomes easy and much more natural and enjoyable for you

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The unknown secret root cause of why your previous dieting hasn't worked and will never work for you

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A proven way of addressing food challenges that will enable you to take back control of your eating

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A healing technique to give your inner child what she needs so she no longer needs to turn to unhealthy foods

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Hi, I'm Vanessa McLennan and I'm a binge eating, emotional eating and weightloss therapist

I have helped thousands of people to lose weight and to break free of their diet, binge and restrict cycle by working on the real cause of their eating issues.

I help you by getting to the causes of your issues. It is working on the emotions, thought patterns and behaviours that are keeping you in this cycle.  I use a range of techniques including counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, EFT. I mostly work in what is known as a humanistic way.  This takes the approach of valueing you as a whole person. It is recognising that you are unique and helps you to reach your true potential and finding your true self.  This is done by me the counsellor offering;  Empathy, understanding you as if I am you. Unconditional positive regard, accepting and valuing you. Congruence, being honest and transparent in how I experience you.

I will encourage you to bring your own issues to the sessions. The sessions will be led by you on what you wish to discuss. I am not here to fix you, rather I help you to explore your own issues, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns so you gain an autonomy over you and are able to heal your own unwanted eating patterns.

You are the expert on you, I help you to access those inner resources to heal your binge eating.

"When you change the inner you, the outer you changes easily. "

I love helping people form a new relationship with food and themselves. One where they are in control and there is a lot more peace and acceptance. Naturally then they start losing weight  that they've been unable to shift for years.

Join me live on the workshop

Say goodbye to your constant battle with food and diets and hello to a new relationship with yourself and with food...a happier and healthier one