How You Can Handle Weight Gain After Quarantine

How you can handle weight gain after quarantine

We have been stuck in our second lockdown for a month now and for many people we have put on the covid stone. This can be frustrating but it can be hard to deal with when you look at yourself in the mirror. So how can you handle weight gain after quarantine? Here are some tips.

Weight gain is only temporary.

This year has been tumultuous. With nothing to do when we have been Locked in our houses. We are faced with kids being at home, trying to work from home, financial worries.  Being at home means we are with our own boredom and demons which we can’t distract ourselves away from. Food has been the constant thing. Food is the nice thing that can distract us away from the boredom, loneliness and any other unwanted feelings coming up. Are you eating more because you are stuck indoors? Then eating more is temporary. Knowing it is temporary helps us to know that once life returns to a new normal, we will no doubt find a normal for us and stop eating less and exercising more. Just know that you will get back to what you used to be.

Gain a different perspective.

What’s bigger in your life? What is more important to you right now? Not to dismiss what you are going through but gaining a different perspective helps you to realise and question how important this weight gain is right now. You can’t see your families, unfortunately some people are getting really ill. Think about what you want to achieve? What are some of the things that you would like to do or places to go? Build that picture of what you want in your head and get a picture to put it up where you can see it easily. Focussing on what you want, what you do have. How lucky you are right now, helps you to keep focussing on the positives. It makes you appreciate your life. Then you can see how this temporary weight gain, is a very small blip in the long-term picture.

What are you wearing?

Do you feel a slob? If you are you wearing pyjamas and loose clothes all the time you don’t notice weight gain. But put on a pair of tight jeans, you once felt good and no longer do. Turn around feeling like crap when putting on those jeans and make it a competition to get into those jeans again. Even if you are wearing them once a week at home, use it to motivate you to get back into them. Wear nice clothes, feel good once a week to get feeling good again

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not disgusting, useless or weak willed. You are merely responding to the situation. Turning to food because it is easy to get hold off, feels good and is there. Treat yourself with compassion here and recognise that this is just a pattern and any pattern can be undone. Stop personalising it.

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