How To Lose Weight Using Minimalism

How to lose weight using minimalism

Have you wondered how weight loss could be made easier, there has got to be a simpler way to lose weight than counting calories, weighting food hasn’t there? Well there is. When you know some of the concepts, you may find it easier to lose weight using minimalism then you first thought.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is the concept that you cut everything out of your life that no longer serves you. It doesn’t bring you joy, it’s not important or doesn’t serve a purpose. I recently watched a film on Netflix about minimalism and it made so much sense. They were saying how we fill our lives up with stuff that we don’t use and find no enjoyment from. We go to work, a job that we often don’t love so we can get more money to buy more stuff. Stuff that we get enjoyment from on a short-term basis. Then we buy a house, buy stuff to fill the house, buy stuff because so and so is wearing it or everyone else has one. We are keeping up with the joneses.

Yet is this stuff buying really making us happy? Do we buy stuff in the hope it will make us happy, but it only ends up costing us money, money we don’t have or wasted what we have. We then feel bad, embarrassed, or guilty. It really resonated with me because I have seen so many of us do the same with our eating habits. We buy loads of food stuff, store it in our cupboards, eat it because we think it will make us happy. It does for about a minute, but then we feel bloated, tired and in comes the bad feelings of putting rubbish into our bodies.

Applying minimalism to our eating habits can help us to focus on what is important, what makes us feel good and only buy what we truly need. When we do this, it is easy to lose weight using minimalism.

Steps to lose weight using minimalism

  1. De-clutter the house. Do it compartment by compartment. Start with your clothes. Then your toiletries and go from there. Take your time and if you need inspiration, I recommend you watch Marie Kondo on Netflix. Each time you get rid of something, it is like a load being lifted off you. It has a clearing effect on your mind, and you do become focussed in on what items give you joy and what items are special to you and just keep those.
  2. De-clutter your kitchen. Get rid of all the half-used jars, out of date packets at the back of the cupboard, the stuff in the freezer that if it has been in there for over 6 months you are not going to eat it are you? All of this allows you to see what food you eat and what are you buying unnecessarily. Now you can see what space you have for the food you really want.
  3. Choose food that brings you joy. It’s a pleasure to eat. It satisfies you and you feel good afterwards. Foods that are whole foods. As you would get them picked from a tree or the ground. Eat as less processed foods as you can. You feel cleaner and lighter.
  4. Find enjoyment in the preparation of foods. Enjoy the smells, the way you chop, you are making it exactly to your liking. You are in control of what is going into your food and it is tailor made. There are no unnecessary ingredients going in. No excess sugar or ingredients made in a factory that are going to harm your body.
  5. Keep eating simple and where possible look at mono-eating. That is eating one thing at a time. Eating a banana on its own, instead of a mixed fruit salad. It allows us to focus on the taste and texture of that one food and it is so much easier for us to digest. We then discover if our bodies like that food.
  6. Keep exercise simple. That does not mean you do the same every day, just keep workouts simple and stick to what you enjoy. You’re much more likely to do it when you enjoy it.
  7. Enjoy life, feel life, live life. Eat foods that help you do that.

The points I am making here is to embrace minimalism. Make eating purposeful and fun. Let the minimalism concept come into your eating habits. Make it so you lose weight using minimalism because of the lifestyle. 

About Vanessa McLennan

Vanessa is an emotional eating expert with a passion for natural health, superfoods and psychology. She helps women from all over the world to successfully lose weight by escaping the diet cycle and end their emotional eating patterns. She holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy as well as qualifications in EMDR, EFT, Emotional Eating, IBS therapist. Check out her free guide to help you break free of the diet cycle